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He again made his way to the Gila in 1698, and thence reached the coast of the gulf, where he found a good port with fresh water and wood.
In 1725 he returned west and explored portions of the Obi and Irtish, wintering on the latter river and returning to St Petersburg in 1726.According to Stieler's Handatlas.In the then existing state of knowledge it was certainly more justifiable to conclude that an easy passage might be found on this than on the opposite side of the Atlantic; and that the Muscovy Company, which had all Cabot's experience at its disposal, should.Cambridge geographical series, general Editor:F.H.H.Others, however, followed in their steps and founded stations on the Chanchamayu, but, pushing on by the Perene to the Ucayali, they too fell victims to their zeal, being murdered by the Setebos Indians.The conception current about this time of the geography of this region, and particularly of the relations between Asia and America in the far north, is well shown by the map published by Müller in 1754 (and in a revised form in 1758) under the.The further voyage led past the south side of the Admiralty Islandsthe name bestowed by Carteret, though the group had been discovered in 1616 by Schouten and Le Mairewhere hostilities with the unfriendly natives occurred.
1 The reason for coming northward to this latitude was the necessity for obtaining magnolia farms coupon code the help of the trade winds in the voyage across the ocean.
Walsingham, Secretary to the Privy Council.
Soon after this, French ships began to frequent the coasts of South America in large numbers, the Spanish throne being now occupied by a grandson of Louis XVI, so that the rivalry of the two nations was for a time checked.
Several attempts were made by himself and Baffin to trace the northern coast, and, pushing their way partly by boat partly on land, they at last succeeded in reaching the entrance to Wijde Bay, which they called Sir Thomas Smith's inlet.
1 The islands supposed to lie in 38 had for some unexplained reason acquired the names Rica de Oro and Rica de Plata (Rich in Gold and Rich in Silver).
In 1655 Pieter van Goyer and Jacob van Keyser started from Canton by the great water-route to the north, crossing the mountains which separate the basins of the Si-kiang and Yangtse, and journeying down the Kia-kiang, the southern tributary of the latter; then descending the.During the same period, equally extensive journeys, in part over the same field, were made by David Thompson, one of the most active and determined explorers produced either by the Hudson Bay Company or its great rival.Prizes Unknown # of prize(s) with.00 in total value.They brought the vessels to anchor in the bay on the west side of the island, soon to be the scene of the tragedy which deprived the expedition of its commander.The details are of course inaccurate,.g.Here difficulties arose with the natives, and the ships sailed for New Zealand.While off the New Holland coast, he had several opportunities of observing the natives, of whom he gives some account, calling them the "miserablest people in the world poorer even than the "Hodmadods" (Hottentots).New Caledonia Hunter at Pinto, Fernão Mendez Piratical voyages (sec Buccaneers) Pires, Manoel, journeys in Amazon basin Pitcairn Island, discovered by Carteret mutineers of Bounty settle at Pitt Island, Pacific Plancius, Peter, encourages Dutch voyages recommends route north of Novaya Zemlya Playse, John, journal.268) had erred in the opposite direction.Africa supports Roggeveen's scheme Dutchess, sails under Woodes Rogers Dzungaria, derivation of name Renat's map of Eagle, see Arend East Cape, see Deshnef East India Company, Dutch, founded ( see Dutch.I.The former was afterwards visited, and coconuts were obtained from a body of natives with whom some hostilities took place.When arrangements were at last made in 1766, his illness necessitated the employment of an agent, who proved untrustworthy, and it was not till 1769 that Madame Godin, accompanied by her two brothers, at length set out by the route down the Pastaza for Loreto.From the Atlas to La Pérouse's voyage.

2 The Varzina river debouches on the north side of the Kola peninsula in about.
The voyage was resumed on October 10, and early in November the ships reached the island of Tioman off the east coast of the Malay Peninsula, having passed between Formosa and the Bashi Islands.
Now began a heroic struggle to advance through the ice, which was here encountered in great quantities.