Rewards and recognition invitation wordings

rewards and recognition invitation wordings

Fixed the weapon trail from the Arca Plasmor being offset to the barrel.
Find a body of water, open your Gear wheel (or use your hotkey and select your spear to enter fishing mode.
Cleaned up a small patch of unintended Infestation on discount youth hockey jerseys the Corpus voucher club top up Outpost tileset.
Fixed an issue in the final cutscene of The Second Dream quest where the Lotus and the Operator would disappear momentarily, giving players the ability to control their Warframe.As you venture deeper into the Plains, there will be tougher Grineer enemies so come prepared.The Sentients failed and died, leaving behind an ancient graveyard throughout the Landscape.Mass vitrify Create an expanding ring of molten glass that slowly crystallizes enemies who enter.Use your equipped Bait by pressing the Alt Fire button.Fixed Ancients getting stuck trying to step their melee attack indefinitely after a player parries them.Fixed a script error on Lua Spy missions.Surging Dash: Creates a wave while dashing, increasing the damage in the area around the operator.
Improved Corpus Dropship passenger animations and increased the speed at which they drop the Corpus reinforcements.
Please note this is a beginner friendly quest - and it's balanced accordingly.
Aiming and shooting with the spear works just as it does when launching other spear weapons.
Toned down the smoke FX of Excaliburs Radial Blind.
Changed the TennoGen Knaita Mag skins default colors to match the Steam Workshops main image.
Fixed a variety of Syandanas clipping into the Trinity Strega Skin.Added a Delete All Read Messages option in the Inbox.Please note that this currently does not apply to Community messages.Our continuing mission: to create a game that feels alive, that challenges its creators and its players alike.As far as the Focus Schools themselves, we have clear cut the trees of the old system and are rebuilding entirely new ability paths.Improved Operator movement animations in the Landing Craft to remove weird leg and arm motions.Tenno who seek out the Eidolon Hunter will be exposed to an Operator Weaponry system.Destroyed mirrors damage their attackers, as does the collapse of the carousel.A mysterious group you can engage with and earn Standing for if you've finished The War Within!Basilisk Scales: Increase the armor of your Operator!This is Garas signature weapon.Made many small performance optimizations to all Warframe abilities.

You can get bounties from Konzu in Cetus - these are missions that increase your standing and *earn you rewards.
Sniper Rifle Changes: General Sniper Changes: Reticle sway removed from all zoom levels!
Garas New Signature Glass Weapons and Customizations!