How do you win skip bo

Each player must always maintain 5 cards in their hand (not counting the cards in their Discard/Stock Piles).
You should always turn the top card over and if it fits onto the Building Pile, you should play.
At the end of your turn when you no longer have any suitable cards to play onto the Building Piles, you must discard a single card onto one of your Discard Piles.
These cards are the ones that each player must strive to get rid.At the end of the turn, if she plays a card, she places any cards she wants to discard face-up to the left of her stock pile to form a discard pile.Today, Skip-Bo is played and enjoyed by millions worldwide.The remainder of the cards is placed nearby the center of the playing area to form the main Draw Pile.Skip-Bo cards are wild cards; a player can play a Skip-Bo card to substitute for any number card.Place the pile to the player's right with the top card face up: This is the "stock" pile.The team only wins when both players finish getting rid of their Stock Piles.
You can also complete challenges of increasing difficulty to win great prizes and collectible frames for your avatar.
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Skip-Bo brings all the fun of classic family game night into the palm of your hand.Learn as you play: get started with an interactive tutorial.Select a player to be the dealer.Deal a pile of 30 cards to each player, or 20 cards if there are five or more players.Empty your stockpile and get ready to win, as you challenge friends, family, super graphic tees coupon code and fellow fans to a game.Players sit in pairs facing each other, with enough space between them for three rows of cards.The Skip-Bo card meanwhile, can be played on top of the Building Pile with the top card of number 3 (acting as a number 4 and then, you can proceed to place the number 5 card on top of that Skip-Bo card.Remember, once your turn arrives again, pick up any number of cards from the main Draw Pile in order to maintain 5 cards in your hand.