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Added by 132nd General Assembly File.
Of the Revised Code.
Physical fitness facility service is or is to be provided; (o recreation and sports club service is or is to be provided; (p on and after August 1, 2003, satellite broadcasting service is or is to be provided; (q on and after August 1, 2003.Full or partial payment of the assessment shall not prejudice the commissioner's consideration of the merits of the assessment as contested by the petition for reassessment.If the amount is less than that funky christmas gifts for him claimed, the commissioner shall proceed in accordance with section 5703.70 of the Revised Code.You agree to maintain in strict confidence any data or information relating to the Service Offerings that you discover, derive, develop, or otherwise learn about through your use of the Service Offerings.(2) When the vendor knows that a digital good, computer software, or service sold will be concurrently available for use by the business consumer in more than one jurisdiction, but the business consumer does not provide an exemption certificate claiming multiple points of use.Added by 131st General Assembly File.(A) If required by the tax commissioner, a permit holder required to make payments under section 5739.032 of the Revised Code shall file all returns and reports electronically.We last modified these Terms on the date listed at the top of this page.
(2) A convention and visitors' bureau that has entered into an agreement under section 307.678 of the Revised Code may use revenue it receives from a tax levied under division (A 1) of this section as described in division (E) of section 307.678 of the.
"Telecommunications service" does not include any of the following: (a) Data processing and information services that allow data to be generated, acquired, stored, processed, or retrieved and delivered by an electronic transmission to a consumer where the consumer's primary purpose for the underlying transaction.
The legislative authority or board shall certify the ordinance or resolution to the board of county commissioners or transit authority.
(B) "Sale" and "selling" include all of the following transactions for a consideration in any manner, whether absolutely or conditionally, whether for a price or rental, in money or by exchange, and by any means whatsoever: (1 all transactions by which title or possession,.For the purposes of this division: (1) A "competitive professional racing event" is a motor vehicle racing event sanctioned by one or more motor racing sanctioning organizations, at which aggregate cash prizes in excess of eight hundred thousand dollars are awarded to the competitors.166, as amended, and regulations adopted pursuant thereto, or that could be claimed as such a deduction if the vendor kept accounts on an accrual basis."School supplies" does not include any item purchased for use in a trade or business.The total reduction in the rate of taxes levied by a transit authority and the increase in the rate of tax levied for the purpose of constructing or renovating a sports facility shall not exceed one-tenth of one per cent upon retail sales made.The rate or amount may be different for each year the tax is to be levied, but the rates or amounts actually apportioned each year shall not be different from that stated in the resolution for that year.(GGG) "Prescription" means an order, formula, or recipe issued in any form of oral, written, electronic, or other means of transmission by a duly licensed practitioner authorized by the laws of this state to issue a prescription.(II) Upon dissolution and liquidation of the nonprofit corporation, all of its net assets are distributable to the board of commissioners of the eligible county from which the corporation leases the facility.The tax imposed by this section shall be determined by deducting from the sum representing five and three-fourths per cent, as applicable under division (A) of this section, or, in the case of retail sales subject to a tax levied pursuant to section 5739.021, 5739.023.The tax commissioner shall then, on or before the twentieth day of the month in which such certification is made, provide for payment of such respective amounts to the county treasurer and to the fiscal officer of the transit authority levying the tax or taxes.Amended by 129th General AssemblyFile.127, HB 487, 101.01, eff.If revenue is credited to that fund, it shall be expended only as provided in that section.(b) Notwithstanding division (A) of this section, the board of county commissioners of an eligible county that adopts a resolution levying a lodging tax on or after the effective date of the amendment of this section may require that all or a portion of the.

(E) A permit granted pursuant to this section shall continue to be valid until surrendered by the holder or canceled for cause by the tax commissioner.