Coed baby shower game prize ideas

What's In Your Purse This hilarious game is a fantastic large baby shower game ice breaker.
The other team looks over their shoulder to make sure they don't actually say the word on the card.Saira Perl I am a busy mom of 2 little girls, wife of a fantastic husband, and Ive always wanted to be an entrepreneur.Then, invite everyone to tap into their creative sides by painting a onesie masterpiece designed specifically for the bundle of joy.Or, change it up by asking people to correctly guess how long it will take for their baby to be born.With each invite, include a note instructing guests to bring along a picture of themselves as babies.I went on maternity leave in 2010 when baby #1 came along.Not sure whether the new baby is a boy or a girl?Have each guest guess which picture corresponds to each guest.Tinkle in the Pot If you've ever been pregnant-or spoken at length to anyone who is-you know that running to the bathroom every thirty seconds is just par for the course.More: Baby Shower Game Leave your email I will send your free printable baby shower game cards!Use this free printable clean sheet to play this game.
You'll need to set the wheels in motion as you send out invitations to the shower.
The guest with the most correct answers wins this game.
Bob Barker isn't the only one who can set the stage for big wins!
Pin the Tail on the Donkey has nothing on this screwball take on the classic party game.
Pre-printed pros You can customize them to your baby shower nice touch!It was almost 4 years before baby #2 arrived, with a serious ectopic pregnancy scare in between.Write numbers 1 through 10 on the inside of the appropriate labels.Put aside in envelope.Then play switches to the other team they get 30 seconds to get as many points as they can.Baby Shower Word Scramble Click on the Photo to Download Game Key Answer Give your guests a list of scrambled popular baby related words, ask your guests to unscramble the words.Then, just as guests are about to devour the baked off broadway shoes free shipping promo code goodies whole, let everyone know that whoever finds the baby is next in line to have her own!Who will sing lullabies better?

Baby Items Memory Games, click on the Photo to Download Game Put different baby items on the tray and pass it around your guests.
Birthing Babies, you'll have a roomful of amusingly anxious faux parents-to-be with this 'ice melter' game.
The team with the most creatively diapered 'baby' wins.