Acceleration program for gifted students

One influential study has defined 18 forms of academic acceleration.
Early entrance to middle school or high school edit Early entrance to high school enables the student to avoid being stuck in the "holding pattern" of middle school.
In a study of high-ability children who had been accelerated, 71 johnson's baby gift set walmart reported satisfaction with their acceleration experience.
Research concerning the effects of acceleration.The child should be in good health.What are manila discount hotels the options for students like Brendan?Of the participants who reported they were unsatisfied, the majority indicated they would have preferred more acceleration.The working assumption of planning should be that children will be taught at that eightieth percentile grade level unless there are good reasons for altering the plan.Acceleration is most meaningful when a school district has a well-established curriculum and the successive years of school involve steadily increasing levels of difficulty.In CTY, Identifying and Cultivating Talent in Preschool and Elementary School Children, (1994).In the end, a balanced decision made by a variety of people with the student's best interests at heart will determine the option for a particular gifted student.Continuous progress edit See also: Continuous Progress Mathematics In continuous progress education, the student is given content progressively as prior content is completed and mastered, moving on to more advanced material as soon as the student is ready for.
Top 1 in 10,000: A 10-Year follow-up of the profoundly gifted, Journal of Applied Psychology, 86(4 720?
Several of these acceleration options are logically linked together: an "ungraded classroom" involves curriculum compacting or telescoping; concurrent enrollment usually implies subject acceleration, and curriculum compacting implies advanced placement in a subsequent year.
In CTY, Ability Grouping and Cooperative Learning, topical packet Feldhusen, John H Effects of Programs for the Gifted: a Search for evidence" in Southernand Jones, Academic Acceleration,.However, most gifted children are not ready for such drastic measures.Select a subject to preview related courses: Grade skipping is the practice of promoting gifted students to higher grade levels due to their abilities.If the only peer in that classroom is one other TAG child, and all the other children are significantly below this level, frustration is likely tom ford gifts for men to result, particularly if the plan is implemented uniformly, so that the one TAG child in the receiving classroom has.Academic Advocacy for Gifted Children: A Parent's Complete Guide.181-206 Center for Talented Youth, Johns Hopkins University, "Philosophy and Program Policy (1994) rpt.Because teachers often confuse misbehavior caused by inapropriate instruction with immaturity, judgements about a precocious child's maturity should include input from parents and psychologists, Mid-year advancements may sometimes be desirable, All grade advancement should be arranged on a trial basis of six weeks, with counselling.